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High Pressure Cylinders

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High Pressure Cylinders & Auto-Changeovers

 CARBON DIOXIDE -  CO2 is the key to delivering the fizz to water, sodas, and beer. Southern fills cylinders of all sizes for carbonating everything from a home kegerator to a full bar tap. 

NITROGEN – Nitrogen is essentially an inert gas, and is used in cold brew coffee, tea and wine on tap. It is also preferred for product blanketing, pressure transfer, and bottle purging. 

NITROGEN BLEND – Nitrogen combined with CO2 it is used for "Heavy" beers - as in ales and stouts as well as "Nitro" coffees. The nitrogen imparts a creamier taste to both ales and coffee. We carry pre-blended cylinders for convenience but custom blends can be attained with CO2 and Nitrogen with the combination of a mixer. 

AUTO-CHANGEOVERS - Southern Oxygen & Welding Supply offers automatic cylinder switching units that work with any beverage gas cylinder up to 3000 psi. The auto-changeover provides a seamless hands-free switch between cylinders. The unit works with existing beverage gas regulators and requires no maintenance. 

There are many applications for Food & Beverage gas. Please contact us so we can work with you and recommend the best application for your business.

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Hassle-free Beverage Carbonation

We offer liquid bulk CO2 systems in multiple sizes to fit your needs.

Cost Saving Telemetery

Avoid those expensive monthly delivery fees from our competitors with remote monitoring. All of our liquid bulk CO2 systems are outfitted with Cylconnect®, a telemetry system, that allows Southern Oxygen to assure constant gas supply to your business and save you money by only making deliveries when needed.