Featured Products

                                ESAB Rebel

 The Rebel™ EMP 215ic offers 120/230 V flexibility and some of the most  innovative welding technology available. A breakthrough design inspired  by professional welders, the Rebel EMP 215ic is a complete MIG/TIG/Stick  package ready to weld anything – mild steel, MIG aluminum, stainless  steel – and go anywhere. 

                   Weldmark MIG25-140

 Weldmark model MIG25-140 welding package is perfect  for applications such as light fabrication, auto body, farm projectsb  home repairs and more.  This unit is capable of running the following  wire sizes using either 4" or 8" spools: .023 - .035 for mild steel or  stainless steel, .030 - .035 for mild steel or stainless steel, .030 -  .035 for flux-cored wire and .030 for aluminum wire.   The MIG25-140 has  a voltage control range from 25 to 140 amps. 

         Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 60i

 The Cutmaster® 60i with SL60QD™ 1Torch® is the  perfect combination of end-user insight, advanced technology, and  intelligent design. Packed with power and offering the highest  power-to-weight ratio in its class, the Cutmaster 60i with SL60QD 1Torch  also has best in class cutting arc length and the most empowering and  engaging user experience no matter the application. 

                       ESAB Sentinel A50

Years of welding have trained you to know exactly what you need in a  hood: crucial comfort, large lens, and next generation technology. Every  special operation needs special equipment that gets the job done, and  when it comes to your helmet, SENTINEL™ is worn by the best.